Cybe in Human Form

Cybe is the naive, optimistic main protagonist of YIA.


Originally, XPeaceChill was going to make a random Utopian the main character based on random draw. However, he felt that may be unfair, so he decided he'd create a completely original character. He asked everyone in the Chatbox what the name should be. After a few names are posted, XPeaceChill combined a few of them together to create Cybe, which comes from "cyber", which is fitting due to the Internet-like-theme of the series. Cybe's design was originally going to look fancy and sophisticated, but drawing a complicated, design-heavy character every time he needed to be shown would have been troublesome. Therefore, XPC made Cybe very simplistic; a black hoodie, blue jeans, brown shoes, and generic brown hair. This was similar to the previous design of ChaosMaster00, though Chaos' was changed to the current Boo Buddy form.

Episode 1Edit

The whole first episode of YIA is based around the birth of Cybe, which is shown as an extremely elaborate and cryptic stream of flashing explosions and colors. This occurs in the Inter-Above, in the skies of Hellhole, a very hectic and crime-infested part of the world in the website of GameFAQs. When Cybe's being hits the ground he appears as a limbless, black egg with eyes, who is almost killed instantly by a stray bullet. However, he is saved by a Mod, and taken away on a ship called the SS New Tab, away to the island of Ultimate Utopia. The Mod whispers something to Cybe before sailing away in the Text Ocean. Here Cybe "hatches" into the form he appears in today.

Episode 2Edit

In this episode, Cybe meets some of the Utopians, the first being Flamer the Great. Flamer the Great introduces Cybe to the Utopia, along with some of it's Users, including Digitalcameras, TheSageMan (and his pet, Linkachu), FalconMairoPunch, (Krystal), and XPeaceChill. XPeaceChill is protagonist but usually a tad hostile towards Cybe. After XPC teaches Cybe some 1337 (or "leet", an alternate language on the Internet), Flamer takes Cybe on their way to the Admin House, where they introduce Cybe to Mountrussmore, the ruler of the Utopia, and tell him of Cybe's birth place.

Episode 3Edit

Mount is ecstatic to learn of Cybe's origins. According to an ancient story, the user who is born in Hellhole will be the ultimate savior of the Universe of Technology, for whatever reason the Universe may need a savior. A huge party is thrown in honor of Cybe. After a short while, Cybe steps up to thank the Utopians for such a nice greeting and party when he blacks out and falls to the floor. It turns out he had been shot in the back with a harpoon-gun by Prince Zant, a usually friendly Utopian who had fallen under a trance. He, along with the Spindow Bros. , (Spindow, Fazzlesurfingpikachu, shronos), and Chaos attacked everyone at the party while some fled and some stayed to fight, these people including Mount, Mr. L 64, Thunder Luigi, Sky Sage, and XPC. After the huge fight, everyone blacks out from their injuries and wakes up later to deduce that the Spindow Bros, Chaos, and Zant had been put under a trance by an unknown force. Zant apologizes to Cybe, while Flamer rushes in frantically exclaiming that the Key to the Center of the Internet, which the Utopians were entrusted with early on in it's history. At the Center is an unimaginable power which is capable to destroying all life. Flamer had a tracker on the key, and although he doesn't know WHERE it is, he can decide that it is not in the hands of evil. The Utopians decide to set off to recover the Key before it falls into the wrong hands. At almost the same time, the Utopia begins to crumble out from under itself!

Episode 4Edit

With the Utopia falling, Cybe escapes thanks to the help of FalconMarioPunch, along with everyone else to a large boat, where they witness the Utopia and all of their possessions falling into an endless abyss, leaving a large whole in the Text Ocean, with only a slab of land with the door to the Center where the Utopia had once been. Cybe, up to this period of time, had actually not known his name. When Spenstar asks him what it is, he faints, while being overcome by strong memories. As he has a flashback of the events of Episode 1, he remembers his name, and announces it to the party. As the Utopians talk about Cybe and how cool they think his name is, they are attacked by Lurker Trolls, underwater sea predators of the ocean!

Episode 5Edit

With the impending danger of the Trolls attacking the ship, Cybe, along with the other Utopians, try to attack the Trolls with violence but to no avail. However, FMP comes up with the plan that the Trolls need to be flamed to be rid of. So the Utopians try this and have moderate success, except for Cybe who seems to be unable to come up with any decent insults. Meanwhile, at the crow's nest, FMP jumps down and preforms a trademark Falcon Punch on the remaining trolls, eliminating them. It appears as if FMP died, much to everyone, especially Cybe's misfortune. However, FMP jumps out of the ocean and everyone cheers. KarasuTengu writes down the events of the day in his journal.

Episode 6Edit

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