Mount when he is introduced

Mountrussmore (Mount) is the friendly, parent-like, short-tempered leader of the Utopians.

History and AppearanceEdit

In real life, Mount was in fact the creator of both Xenon Haven (not canon in YIA) and also the creator of Ultimate Utopia (canon in YIA). Mount is a fan of the Final Fantasy series, including Final Fantasy VII, though he despises fanboys who call it the best game in the series without reason. This explains why he has the head of Sephiroth, the game's antagonist, even though Mount is a protagonist character. His clothing is somewhat similar to Cybe's in that he wears a black shirt and blue pants with brown shoes. On his shirt is "Russ", and alternate, though not frequently used nickname for him.

Episode 2 Edit

Mount first appears at the end of Episode 2 when Flamer the Great takes Cybe to him in his Admin House to discuss how Cybe was born in Hellhole. Mount's reaction includes his eyes widening, though the viewer won't find out if this is positive or negative until...

Episode 3Edit

In this episode, the viewer finds out Mount's reaction is one of extreme happiness, as Cybe being born in Hellhole is actually a good omen that Cybe is, as he puts it, the Chosen One, the one destined to save the Universe in which our heroes exist. Mount throws a huge party for Cybe, and when Cybe thanks the group for everything, he is knocked unconscious by Prince Zant and a group of tranced Utopians. Mount leads a resistance with Sky Sage, Mr. L 64, Thunder Luigi, and XPeaceChill, though the fight ends neutrally with both sides blacking out. Flamer tells the group how someone has stolen the Key to the Center of the Utopia, which contains unbelievable power, though the heroes do know that the Key is just lost, not in wrong hands. By now, everyone has woken up to see Mount's palace, the Admin House, crumbling, along with the Utopia.

Episode 4Edit

Mount, along with his citizens and Cybe, escape the crumbling Utopia to a large ship. Here they learn Cybe's name and are attacked by Lurker Trolls.

Episode 5Edit

In Ep. 5, Mount attempts to fight the Trolls, along with his Utopian friends, which doesn't work, until FalconMarioPunch comes up with a plan to flame the Trolls into submission. This ends up working. FMP helps the plot along and Karasu Tengu writes down the day's events.

Episode 6Edit

Mount expresses regret as the group comes across Xenon Haven, Mount's former kingdom, when looking for the Key. He tries to convince the group to turn around in fear of bad luck coming towards the group's way, though Zant and Flamer say otherwise. As the group is exploring, a few unfortunate things happen causing Mount to explain to Cybe the history of Xenon Haven. It used to be a nice place until for some strange reason, there was loads of controversy within the Havenites. So they left and went to the Utopia. Now, afterwards, Zant and Mr. L encounter the Shadow Alts, who tell them a riddle. Mount gathers an assembly and the party tries to figure out where to go judging from the riddle. They decide this would be the Chatbox. When trying to find the chatbox, Mount decides it is time to rest, so they set up camp for the night. However, XPeaceChill and Cybe go out at night trying to find it themselves, and when they do, they rush back and tell the group of how Shadow Mr. L 64 has the Sword of Cliche, a once-thought-fabled weapon of Utopian lore. Mount organizes a plan along with the other strong minds of the Utopia to steal the sword and kill the Shadow Alts. The plan begins to fail until the group is saved by two mysterious figures known as Blade of Shadows and Fenris.

Personality and PowersEdit

Mount is a kind person, though he can sometimes take on the role of an angry-parent-like figure, though he only cares for the safety of the group nonetheless. He's said to have a vicious temper when angered, especially when fighting the Lurker Trolls, repeatedly exclaiming "F*** YOU!" at them. Mount has an extreme fear of rape, though somewhat comical, he was traumatized when attacked by the tentacled Lurker Trolls, yelling "Tentacle rape!" Mount is discussing a possible sequel to YIA in which Mount plays a much larger role than the one he currently does.

When it comes to powers, Mount hasn't exhibited much. He has shown, like other Utopians, that flaming Trolls may cause them to become defeated. However, when crossing over a chasm when the Utopia was falling apart, Mount shows powers of slight teleportation and fire; he engulfs himself with fire and uses one-wing to cross the chasm.

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